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What is Adsense | Adsense rules in 2019 | Blogging tips | Dec 2019 | WebArtise.


What is Adsense | Adsense rules in 2019 | Blogging tips | Dec 2019 | WebArtise.

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we know that Adsense is the biggest publisher platform for blogger and many more for any commercial blogs and many use it in the right way and many don't, so they are some certain rules & regulations in the usage and there is a process of approval of Adsense and also there is a threshold of payments.

until and unless you have great content you won't be able to get the approval and irrespective of traffic you can get approval it all turns around your content.

and there is also a payment threshold that if you cross 100$ only you can get your money credited and there are similar policies in youtube and Blod ads, and trust me you can earn more than youtube than in blog, Blog ads are customizable and Youtube aren't.

and if your visitor doesn't want ads in your website then you can keep a premium version of your site that ads won't be displayed that's completely under your control, Once you have mastered the game of SEO in blogging then you can also master youtube Seo if your niche doesn't change.

okay coming back to the rule of Adsense briefly 

I am pretty sure now that you got an idea on Adsense, so your Blog can passively or Actively earn through AdSense according to your content strength.

Adsense Rules

  • Don't Boost Clicks Artificially
  • Don't Display More Ads Than Content
  • Don't Ignore Webmaster Quality Guidelines
  • Don't Create More Than One AdSense Account
  • Don't Try to Trick Readers Into Thinking AdSense Ads Are Not Ads

They aren't any Adsense rules to limit your ads in your blog or anything but if you want your old visitor and simultaneously new visitor to visit the blog then you shouldn't make your blog clumsy with ads rather place 2-3 ads with a healthy environment of content.

These aren't suggested by Google we suggest you follow these rules because to play the game safely without breaking up your earnings.

there are some cases we wanted to discuss according to invalid activity through Google Adsense, this stories will be shared according to the response and demand.

we just wanted every blogger to play safe and earn their money from respective publishing tool, one of the easiest tools is Adsense, you can be approved without any traffic also, it all revolves around your content.

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