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What is Blogging | Who is Blogger | Blog standard layouts | Webartise blogging tips | Dec 2019.

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What is Blogging | Who is Blogger | Blog standard layouts | Webartise blogging tips | Dec 2019.

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What is Blogging.?

Blogging is a phenomenon where we can add content to the old posts or adding up the new posts, in 2000 this was mainstream of sharing information of internationally, this platform involves constant web designing and development which involves much more crew and continuous engagement in this work, but now there have been many content management systems like Wordpress, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace and many more.

simply, Process of writing content in a certain topic with the help of web tools and linking the other content and sharing the content easier on internet, this helps us to make our content live all over the world, this is why blogging is done and selected by many other firms to make their page rankings grow higher.

why Blogging is popular and selected by many people.?

Blogging has seriously grown into the higher stages and is growing consistently day by day, they are some factors that had a serious improvement in the Blogging environment and since 2005 Blogging was into a serious passion by many persons.

In the early stages of the blog, it was utilized to make a news propagation way and for collecting opinion way and many more. this made Blog as a tool to propagate good or bad news easily through this platform, though are equal utilization of blog in best and the worst way, fast-forwarding time to 2018 & 2019 we have many niches developed blogs which are now live and making a good business all over the world with their best reachability.

  • This became a mainstream of information.
  • by using suitable tools, we can rank our blog higher and make our website stay in first of search pages in any search engine.
  • we can interact with visitors and they are more likely to have more lead conversion through the blog.
  • They are a lot of sources to earn money consistently or passively through the blog. depends on the no of users engagement.

from 2010 Business saw the scope of blogging and how are blogs ranked and how can be business established through the dynamic site, they used Blog integration to their Official websites to make more awareness on projects, Portfolio's, and new introductions into their platform this made firms to earn more through high conversion rate of leads.

that's not the case in blogging, a simple home needs and much more particular oriented niche regarding blogging has made millions of dollars and they greatly engage users and make their business through blogging and consistent postings with all their digital and web tools.

You can also earn money through blogging, Once you make your audience count immensly, that's not done in overnight unless and untill you are experinced, but the standard ways are consitency of blogging, keyword research, paid promotions, Promotions, investment for our needed elements and many more.

Who are Bloggers.?

these days, especially in 2019 bloggers and blogging in certain niches, have got immense reputation by their hard work or crew smart work, there is consistency discipline seen in reputed bloggers, bloggers are simply called when they control the content management service in other sites or on their own site, in default way we can see that blogger is called when we see that they control their website and visitors with their content are called bloggers.

Blogger is who controls his content push in his site and share his opinions with various regions of Audience simultaneously.

we have cracked out many bloggers secrets and some standard forms of earning layouts or we can call it as default layouts in the blog page. the previous article we have written up the Blog importance in 2019 and we have some rules for Blogging and there is a format for the blog. there is no need to follow up the rules of format but this standard form of Blog will be as below and might decrease your bounce rate and will be quite engaging to the users who visit your site or blog.

so below we have designed the blog standard form for some spaces and many more.

we have placed every detail in the following image and soon we will list out earnings by blogger and how can you earn in the same way.

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