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MOTO RAZR Revolution

MOTO RAZR Revolution

MOTO RAZR Revolution

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The most speculated and unbelievable has become true that we can now use Moto RAZR in 2019 with the latest specs.

this is the only foldable which could draw the sales of the Samsung galaxy fold, though if the huge screen needed in foldable trend then we can go for Galaxy fold but this Moto RAZR is the compact fold which has another notification screen on the front side.
unlike galaxy fold, this Moto Razr haven't accommodated the front camera sensor and there is a single camera sensor, you will find it when you fold it.
foldable are expensive and Moto won't be as cheaper as expected.
this foldable flagship is reasonable and is less priced than any foldable in the market right now, The better hinge engineering is done here with more durability.
but though these foldable are a bit delicate than the traditional smartphones.
The lower bezel part of the Razr has accommodated many sensors like fingerprint sensor, lower facing speaker grill and some network SOCs.

Foldable's are usually expensive we have experienced it in Galaxy Fold and Huawei mate X which lie between 2000$-2800$ But incase of the verticle fold of the Moto Razr it will range at 1400$ USD, 1,00,000 INR Indian currency.

Preorders will start from December 26th and you will get it around January 2020.  

The fold and unfold the view of this flagship is below.

The Moto Cycle is from 2004 to 2019.

coming to specs are below 

Components MOTO RAZR
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon
710, (Octa-core)
GPU Adreno 640
Ram 6GB.
Storage 128GB.
Battery 2510 mAh
Colors black
Network Connectivity Bluetooth V.5
LTE & other default bands
Sensors Fingerprint Sensor,
Electronic Compass,
Ambient Light Sensor,
Proximity Sensor,
Sensor Core,
Laser Sensor
Screen 6.2inch unfolded display
2.7-inch fold display.
Camera 16 MP single sensor
No front facing camera.
OS Android 9(Pie).
Price 99,000/- INR
1400 $ USD.

Much More yet to hit the net 
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