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Top 5 Bloggers from INDIA in 2019 who made their Earning easy | Jan 2020 | WebArtise Blogging tips

WebArtise Blogging tips

Top 5 Bloggers from INDIA in 2019 who made their Earning easy | Jan 2020 | WebArtise Blogging tips

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We have some of the lists of bloggers and how made their most of their earnings from Adsense and they have earned millions and still earning. how did they make that? Let me explain you Blog and Blogging career needs a serious dedication and consistency, when you want in money instantly and you enter into Blogging then there would be high chances of shutting down your blog very quickly.

yes this is true and we have seen many people who expect lots of money from Blogging career and they end up in depression and don't know how to start their career from scratch again. we suggest you people dedicate some time and content to your blog and that will grow slowly in a personal case or in a startup business, the rapid growth is only seen is Commercial giants.

We have studied many professionals who have chosen Blogging as a career and now they have no regrets about making Blogging as a career and they are lots of money which I can compare with any data scientist, the best part and the difference is that you can do this whole career by sitting in home and just post what you are expertise at.

What we wanted to tell you.?

There is a big career in Blogging and you can simply make thousands of dollars if your content is relevant and helping out others or entertaining others you need thousands of Audience to make 1000-2000$ per day, and that's not impossible we have seen many bloggers making 10,000$-1,00,000$ from just one platform itself "Adsense" we have clearly mentioned Adsense Rules and Earning Potential in previous Posts.

we have a list of Bloggers and we will name Top 5 bloggers for now.

1.Amit AgarwalDigital inspiration
2.Harsh AgarwalShout me loud
3.Shradha SharmaYour Story
4.Ashish SinhaNext big What 
5.Arun PrabhudesaiTrak

Amit Agarwal

He is the first well known Blogger from INDIA and he is one of the highest-paid Blogger through Affiliate links and he is still getting paid through Adsense about 75% of his revenue that shows how powerful and the secured platform is Adsense and he started his career of blogging in 2004 and pretty much full time blogging from 2004 he has is own platform to share his tech ideas and his tech explanations in Digital, he is earning about 30 Lakhs per month just from Adsense 

Harsh Agarwal

Another Agarwal from INDIA made his journey in Online earning from Adsense and the same kind revenue share from his Blog Shout me, He started his Blogging career in 2005 similar to Amit Agarwal and he has been blogging on How to blog and which tools are useful in blogging according to the years his revenue is about 6 lakhs per month, that's not an easy task in Blogging and he has been earning this amount 2010, though it's not easy, it can be accomplished. 

Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma started her blogging career since 2008 and her Blog name is your so this is all about tech startup and advice to tech startups and how can we even make a dying startup alive with their advice, and also every year she runs a summit called Unplugged where every tech startup comes up and shares their products and ideas withitn theu reach and make their sales boosted, she earns around 10 lakhs just not from Adsense but 50 % share of her Blog make revenue from Adsense. thats about 5 lakhs per month just from Adsense and her dedicated crowd of her Website.

Ashish Sinha

Ashish Sinha is also a same kind of blogger as Shradha sharma who all share the advices about Startups and helps the budding and beginers in boosting up their business, he started his blog in 2007 and he earns 50% of is revenue from Adsense he earns 4 lakhs per month and 2 lakhs from Adsense, other than Adsense he has some sponsorships and some external advertisements.

Arun Prabhudesai

He is a blogger on different niche he is on technology niche which is related to telecom and its services, hes staretd his blog in 2007 and now his blog is one of the leading information blog in telecom industry and he is also making money through Adsense about 70 %, his total earnings are about 3 lakhs and 70 % percent of them are from Adsense.

so these Bloggers have been reputed to earn more than any normal job or a common Job hunts which inhibits the talent of any individual, They have just stated a unknown path whcih led them to their best future and they aren't still faded away they are still earning from Adsense and the safest platform since 2 decades, we are proud to say that indians are multiplying in Blogging and Vlogging platform not just with minimal earnings they earnings are in Millions of dollars.

We do appreciate the above Bloggers to making their name and the Nation name glow in new career way, this has developed many bloggers since 2015 and they are still new platorms who are coming up with new ideas and Technology with saving millions of lives.

Soon we are going to share all about the latest bloggers in 2019 and how did they make millions in 2019 itself.

Blogging needs just two things 

1.Undying Motivational topic with consistent postings.

2.Never settle at the same ranking positions.

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Know more, Blog More.

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