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Why Page Speed do matter in 2019 | Blogging tips | Webartise.

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Why Page Speed do matter in 2019 | Blogging tips | Webartise.

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The professional coding team is here we have cracked it out the secret of page loading setup and the average speed considered by the candidates is about 3 Seconds.

The less the time taken loading speed the more the visitors you get and you will be pushed up to the top pages of search pages, though the SEO friendly is very important for any kind of site.

We figure it out how to push it into maximum speed, that's our Desktop version, We have hit it into the best of us and that's what we lie at.

Now coming to Mobile Version we have made it much more responsive than previous versions of our site.

Okay now why should you even care about Page speed and why should be SEO friendly.

If your site takes more than 3-4 seconds then 75% of the visitors of your site will click away from your site and eventually your site will fall below in the search pages.

There is a fact that Google will consider the best loading and fast loading page into their search pages, Not only in their Search pages but also pushes the best traffic to your site.

Google has been experimenting on various speed parameters, one of them is AMP which makes your mobile page load faster and shows you more content, this indicates that Google has a huge consideration on Page speed and the less time taken by your page the more visitors you are likely to get and you will rank in top search pages.

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