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What is micro niche Blog and why you should care about it | Blogging tips | jan 2020 | WebArtise

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What is micro niche Blog and why you should care about it | Blogging tips | jan 2020 | WebArtise

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What is Micro-niche Blogging.?

micro niche blogging is simply kicking out content in some inhibitions and some limitations which no need to keep your continuous efforts but as well it needs your best efforts in the content, Micro niche is like making a single topic with various scenario happening within it.

for example, if you choose "web development"  its is a vast topic but when coming to the topic of designing in web its a bit smaller and important branch in Web development, so if you blog is associated to Web designing then you are about to rank high in google if your content is relevant and has a good amount of information, which might drag no of audience now and then.

The main agenda of Micro niche blogging is that you can make it in one-time investment and one-time content updates and can also make your site rank high with seasonal updates,

is this valid in 2019.? after EMD update by Google.

yes it is valid in 2019 and google will still make your site rank higher if you are making you content relevant and updating the content according to the niche related updates, we still have some Micro niche blogging sites where you can also make your invested money back with-profits.

the following micro-niche topics are here 

  • Camera Lens
  • Pet care
  • about various Music instruments
  • Video editing software and suggested hardware
  • All about certain branch related software
  • info about Seasonal movies or Web series
  • Yoga and other fitness streamlines.
  • Tech suggestions 
  • Best laptops of a certain year oriented 

the main agenda of micro-niche blogging is to blog about upcoming tech, fitness, and pets and care to be taken about pets this will surely help out in making site rank higher and with no hard work which is going to fetch you more money than parent blogging site, but we suggest you make your parent blogging site with side micro niche blogging site because Parent blogging site need s to build up your blogging skills and your branding awareness, unlike micro-niche blog you need to post continuously and aggressively active in your main or parent blog.

How can you earn from micro-niche blogging 

default earning sources are 


2.Amazon ads

3.other sponsored ads 

they are many sources to link up your blog with the income ways which will clearly be disclosed in our next upcoming posts 

we will clearly discuss EMD update by Google and why can it affect micro-niche related Blogging in the upcoming blog posts.

until then stay connected to 


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